Glen Margaret Publishing provides the novice or experienced author the opportunity to produce a potentially successful book while maintaining complete control of your personal aspirations.

Richard Rogers and his talented team gently guide you through all stages of book production from concept, editing and design to the requirements of the printer. You quickly realize that all constructive criticism and comments along the way are presented to you with your best interest in mind.

Having witnessed the transformation of my rough concept into a published book I can without reserve highly recommend G.M.P. to any author considering self-publishing.

Ronald C. Webber

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Publishing with Glen Margaret Publishing was an excellent and rewarding experience. Although referred to as “self-publishing,” while I was in full control of what happened to my manuscript, I did not have to know what had to be done, who to use for the various stages, or how to go about getting the book ready for market.

Every detail was handled by Richard Rogers and Glen Margaret Publishing, and every question, concern, or inquiry was responded to and resolved within hours. Not so much as a comma was changed without my approval.

I worked closely with the editor, who really astounded me with her dedication, at one point even emailing me to say that at 4:30 AM she had come up with the appropriate re-phrasing of a paragraph we had struggled with the previous day. 

The printer used by Glen Margaret is a highly regarded, national firm and the end product was perfect. In the end I felt as though I had experience and guidance while at the same time retaining full control over a new and exciting endeavour. I can heartily endorse Glen Margaret Publishing for any author, new or experienced.

Frances L. Taggart

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