Our Services

Glen Margaret Publishing offers a complete range of publishing services, that can transform an appropriate manuscript into a book with enough commercial potential to earn back the author's investment. To this end, talented freelancers are hired for their specific skills.

Every manuscript can be improved by an editor. Editors vary in expertise from general copy editing to specialized work, such as poetry or writing for children. We will evaluate a writer's work, and after consultation, place it with a suitable editor. If a manuscript is not ready for publication or is unlikely to earn back the investment, we will advise the writer accordingly.

Layout & Design
A layout and design specialist must have a knowledge of the marketplace and competing books as well as the ability to work with a computer design program. The resulting product must please the author and compete with similar books.

Many authors assume that printing is all that is required to produce a book and therefore go to a printer instead of a publisher. Although printing requires specialized equipment and is the largest cost in book production, it is a small part in the creation of a successful commercial publication. As printers have different specialties and equipment, we choose the printer based on the requirements of the boo

If we are asked to distribute books that we have not created, they must be edited and have enough commercial appeal to compete with books produced by publishers currently supplying the bookstores. All trade books that we create meet this criteria.

Having invested thousands of dollars to publish a book, most authors want to recoup the money invested by selling the inventory at a profit. This requires sales through a sales agent and order fulfillment through a company knowledgeable in this area.

Currently we offer sales coverage of Canada and fulfillment for international orders.

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