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Common Courtesy Makes Good Golfing Sense
The Amateur Golfer’s Pocketbook Guide Towards Golfing Success
Anita J. Newman, BBA, LCFCM 

This self-improvement guide for amateur golfers is interspersed with thought-provoking quotations and clever cartoons. Other easy reads in the series are Common Courtesy Makes Good Lovemaking Sense and Common Courtesy Makes Good Business Sense.



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Common Courtesy Makes Good Lovemaking Sense
A Couple’s Pocketbook Guide towards Relationship success
by Anita J. Newman, BBA, LCFCM 

This self-improvement and relationship guide for couples is interspersed with thought- provoking quotations and clever cartoons, making it another easy and delightful read in the Courtesy Books series.



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Common Courtesy Makes Good Business Sense
The Budding Corporate Executive’s Pocketbook Guide towards Career Success
by Anita J. Newman, BBA, CFCM

Interactive behaviour can either positively or negatively impact career growth. This book offers common courtesy principles (supported by inspirational quotations and amusing cartoons) to guide executives in the right direction.





Blue Cheese for Breakfast
Helping the Widow learn to Smile Again 
by  Frances L. Taggart

This is a book of innovative ideas, techniques and strategies for making life more bearable following the loss of your life partner. It is written in a sincere, yet light tone, with understanding and compassion.




Lucy Maude

The Journey Unaccompanied
by Shirley A. Locke

From the best-selling author of 'The Ladies of the Sock Drawer' comes this heartfelt follow-up. The author guides the reader through the crossroads of a loss in this warm, imaginative memoir.




A Stone on their Cairn

Celebrating Eve
by Donald Murray

Drawing on mythology, depth psychology, particle physics, the rise of the feminine, the death of patriarchy and various contemporary insights — the author presents a humble, yet powerful vision of the truth of Christianity, in a way that gives each person an important role in the evolving universe.




Lucy Maude
Detour Ahead
by Susan Prescott Lingsom

While mountain hiking with friends on Norway's Mt. Tverrbottentind, the author was injured in a rock slide. During her rehabilitation and coming to terms with a disability not always visible to others, she has reflected upon her life. With a light pen and her own colourful illustrations, she has created this autobiography.



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