Glen Margaret Publishing has published many successful titles that have yet to reach a large part of their potential market. Although our sales are strong in Nova Scotia and the other Atlantic provinces, this local market represents approximately 5% of the Canadian market; the size of the Canadian market is approximately 10% as large as the market in the USA.

Most of our titles are published specifically for the Nova Scotia market. The focus of this page is our list of titles with potential for sales in the Canadian and international markets.

Most authors do not realize that each country and/or language is a distinct market and that rights to publish in each country or language constitutes a rights sale. Rights sales are made by publishers or literary agents to publishers located in a particular country. Sometimes, rights sales are made to conglomerates with publishing companies in a number of countries and, in this case, world rights are sold. In other cases, publishers are located in one country but sell into a number of countries and may wish to negotiate for the right to translate and publish a book in a specific language.

With the titles profiled on this page we are entering the business of selling rights.

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One Handkerchief Makes a Small Quilt

Published in 2008, this unique title has been very well received and admired. It appeared on the Nova Scotia bestseller list and was an entry in the Alcuin Design Awards in Vancouver.

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Owen and the Dinosaur

Published in 2008 by Dragon Dreams, a small publisher in New Brunswick. This book has universal subjects and themes, which suggest easy translation to another language or the potential for publication in a larger English language market.

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A Stone on Their Cairn

This 2007 title was a bestseller in Nova Scotia and we expect it to find a larger Canadian market. It is a natural book for publication in Scotland or the UK.

At the time of publication, the author held the position of Chief of Protocol at the Department of the Secretary of State (now Department of Canadian Heritage).

In 1992, Her Majesty The Queen invested him as a Member of the Royal Victorian Order (M.V.O.) for personal service to The Sovereign.

A decade later, she promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant (L.V.O.) during the highly successful Golden Jubilee visit and, in 2005, to Commander (C.V.O.)-the highest level available to Canadians.

He is the only Canadian to have been promoted through all three ranks. He currently holds the senate position of Usher of the Black Rod and in April 2009 was appointed Canadian Secretary to the Queen.

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Detour Ahead

This book was published in 2004. It has yet to reach the international market receptive to books dealing with rehabilitation and chronic pain.

A native of California who moved to Norway after marriage to a fellow grad student, the author draws from both her American and Scandinavian backgrounds.

The author’s reflections on coping when life is tough, on getting up after one falls, have something to say to everyone. Like the author, some may discover hidden resources and unused talents that can help us through life’s dark passages.

Written with great honestly and vividly illustrated, it shows a woman at the same time weak and strong, with a rare ability to describe the ups and downs and detours in life.

This book can help readers find new openings when they come to a closed door.

Reviewed by Sissel Hofgaard Swensen, Norway, college lecturer, editor and advisor for the Reader Seeking National Books national program of adaptive literature.

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Creative Yoga Companion: A Workbook

This Hatha Yoga workbook contains 175 yoga postures and warm-ups, as well as breathing techniques for yoga students.

Each of the 12 charts, which can be placed near the yoga mat, offers a resource of yoga postures in easy to follow flowing sequences, that are ideal for home practice sessions.

Having sold out its initial printing, this book has been out of print for several years. The author is willing to update the content for an interested publisher.

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