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Lucy Maude
Moments in Time
Twenty-Five Years of Storytelling
Edited by Mark Black and Paul McNair

This collection of articles from the Seniors’ Advocate, has been published by the Parkinson Society of the Maritime Region, to celebrate the silver anniversary of both organizations. It profiles the local writing talent that has sustained the Seniors' Advocate over the years. Published by the Parkinson Society Maritime Region.


A Stone on their Cairn

Ten-Minute Trivia 
by by Betty Sleep

Ten-Minute Trivia brings you the flotsam and jetsam of life as we thought we knew it. We offer up the why's, wherefores and "Gosh, I didn't know that!" of the common man.

Take a peek at the historical and sometimes hysterical origins of the things in your bathroom cabinet, the roots of common sayings, and the lives of people who shook the world...or sometimes just their navels.



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