Mystery Maurauders
Mystery Marauders
Written by Geraldine Tuck.

It's 1933 and junior detective Dan Veinotte faces his toughest case yet – the mystery of Oak Island. Solve a 120 year old mystery in this, the third book in the Marauder Series.



Scotish Gaelic Tatoo Handbook
The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook
Authentic words & phrases in the Celtic language of Scotland Written by Emily McEwan.

Because no Celt wants a typo that never rubs off – the Gaelic tattoo gone awry. Gaelic specialist McEwan provides solutions for accuracy and cultural authenticity.



Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching
Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching
Written by Christopher Michael Meuse.

He shoots, he scores! An inspiring tale about why the value of love and a child’s personal development supersede the results of any hockey game or score.



The Dolphin Way
The Dolphin Way
Through the Eyes of Mattie the Dolphin
(Augmented Reality Enhanced Book)
Margaret Gillrie-Fraser.

A wonderful story about honesty, friendship, loyalty, mutual respect and understanding, this book illustrates how important these elements are to building and maintaining relationships with others.



A Fragmant of May
A Fragment of May
Written by Susan Cameron.

In the summer of 1969 Anne Dunlop leaves her job teaching high school and the consequences of a broken romance behind her in Toronto and heads back to Halifax to imbrace the comfort of home and family. By chance she lands a job at an inner city employment office. Her first clients are dayworkers, many of whom are still adjusting to he uneasy resettlement of their entire community to the neighbourhood due north of Citadel Hill. Anne, too, faces her own adjustments. Her widowed father has a new love in his life. And there is Serge, a charming military man who, unlike her, has a clear future ahead of him. But Anne’s greatest challenge arrives when she receives a letter from her dearest Aunt Adele, forcing her to consider who she really is and what she truly wants for her future.



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Facing the Other Way
Written by Gwen Davies

In Facing the Other Way Davies portrays a cast of idealistic housemates working toward a better world. In youth, with all of the innocence and naivetι of the ‘sixties, they rescue a pregnant girl from the street and take in abandoned babies. In the disenchantment and insecurity of middle age, one faces childhood guilt while another questions her relevance as a social worker. And through it all, when it counts, they are there for each other.




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