Nova Scotia in your pocket
Nova Scotia in Your Pocket
Written by Stella McNeil.

Although the 2nd smallest in size of the Canadian provinces, with a population of just under one million, it more than makes up for this in history, culture and natural scenic beauty. With over 4,000 miles (6500 Km) of coast line; Nova Scotia is referred to as “Canada’s Ocean Playground”. In this little book it is not possible to cover all the places, people, (recent and ancient), as well as the many mysteries that make up Nova Scotia. We hope this may be the beginning of your journey to explore this beautiful province.



Halifax Explosion Mysteryk
Halifax Explosion Mystery
Written by Geraldine Tuck.

It’s 1934 and junior detectives Dan Veinotte and Becky Wentzell travel to Halifax to find an heirloom lost during the Halifax Explosion. Dan is caught with stolen property and taken to the County Jail. To clear his name he must first help a jail mate prove her innocence. The plan is foiled and Dan is left to die in the tunnels beneath the Citadel. Follow the clues to reveal the identity of a reluctant villain.



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Dispensing Aid
Druggists and the Halifax Explosion
Written by Mary E MacCara

Dispensing Aid tells the stories of druggists in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion, the care they provided, their narrow escapes and the unexpected roles they played. The common medications of a hundred years ago are identified and their usage described. Photographs of corner drug store promotions, century old prescriptions and medication bottles add to this book’s unique perspective of an unforgettable time in Halifax’s history.




The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook
The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook
Authentic words & phrases in the Celtic language of Scotland
Audrey Nichel

Written by a fluent Irish speaker, this book will appeal to anyone who loves tattoos, Irish language and culture, or Celtic roots. The book features real life Irish tattoo mistakes, a glossary of nearly 400 authentic Irish Gaelic works, phrases and sayings suitable for tattoos, inscriptions, jewelry and crafts, and a brief history of the Irish language and information on some of its most interesting features.


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